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  1. I knew I liked chao cheese and it’s creamy texture. I have done vegan mac and cheese before without baking it using daiya and while that was ok it didn’t give me that homestyle flavor I was use to having. This one surprise me lol I know every food blogger saids that but this truly is my FAVORITE vegan mac and cheese. Im glad you like the pictures I was thinking of trying knew ways to take the photo to really capture that creamu texture inside but these pictures will do for now lol

    Please report back and let me know if you liked it!

  2. This looks seriously amazing and the ingredients sound devine. I’ve had cashew macs and I’ve had macs with potatoes and carrots, but not together, and not with chao. As a vegan who had a dairy cheese obsession before this ethical lifestyle and has had trouble finding that perfect mac, I must say I’m feeling pretty confident about this one. I’m making it tonight! 😀

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