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  1. Ha, I find it hilarious when people say they don’t like something they haven’t eaten! I feel like they just hear other people say it and they repeat it so many times as it’s their own thought, they start to believe it. I get why people don’t love beets though, they are earthy, but that’s what I love about them. I have to make this soon! It’s been too long since I had fresh juice.

  2. I love the facts about beets is that its naturally pretty in color. It just makes any recipe extremely beautiful. Also, not to forget its high nutrition value.

  3. It’s like you were watching me frown up my nose at the thought of beet juice. I had a second of guilt because you knew I was doing it 🙂 I keep hearing so many things about the benefits of beet juice, I may have to give it another try.

    • I agree. Most people have that description of an “earthy” taste. I know for myself I LOVE that taste in all root vegetables but you are right it is an acquired taste indeed.

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