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  1. I have been feeling a little de motivated in my vegan journey ( 3 years) eating the same foods etc. I recently started gym & I don’t want to loose any of my weight. Your blog has helped me tremendously, I definitely feel inspired to eat better & get some curvy muscles! Lol
    Thank you!

    • So glad I could be of help! That is what this blog is for! Let me know if I could assist you anything else!

  2. This was so incredibly motivating and helpful! Thank you so much for all the advice!! I now feel really pumped to start this journey 🙂

  3. I went vegan the start of this year and I want to lose stomach fat however I wasnt to maintain my booty as well as increase is. How would you suggest doing so?

    • Focus on either fat loss or weight gain. One thing at a time. Your body is a unit you can’t spot train. Because to lose fat you you need to eat less calories. To gain butt size you need to eat more calories. When you lose fat you lose it all over. When you gain you gain all over. Body composition (reshaping your body) happens when you start to tone and build muscle. Of course this is based on DNA too because some people are naturally hourglass but when you build muscle (since muscle burns fat), you adding wanted curves to you frame (unlike excessive fat which tends to love our stomachs). Increasing butt size in particularly has a lot to do with working out. Your glutes are a muscle you have to lift weights and eat a surplus in calories. Make sure you subscribe to the email list. You can read back issues where I talk more in depth about his topic. I also give curvy vegan tips to my subscriber list every Sunday

    • Consistency is key!
      I recommend starting off keeping track of the amount of calories you already consume. I use my fitness pal app. And then increasing them by 500.
      Stick with it!

  4. This is a fabulous article and I’m forwarding it to a vegan friend who has become skin and bones, due to grief and stress. Thank you ????

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