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  1. Hi Gina, hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I made this pie yesterday and will be adding it to my list of holiday favorites. I forgot to get corn syrup so I subbed in date syrup. I also didn’t have coconut nectar so I used raw agave nectar instead. I completely forgot about the saltines as they were not listed in the recipe. Not sure how that would affect the finished product. I now have something new to share with family and friends that’s deliciously plant-based. Thanks!

    • Hi! I did thank you! I updated the recipe to take out the crackers as I found they are not needed once the pie is set! the flax seed egg and cornstarch does just fine. So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Layering the pecan mixture. Is that do not mi ? Also the sweet potato mix is heavenly. That’s how far I’ve gortem and I have no saltines. Going to try bread crumbs. GF is a challenge!

  3. Hi, this recipe sounds great! I’d like to get clarification on a couple of things. First, there is no unit of measure for the sea salt. Is it 1/4 tsp, tbsp, etc? Second, the ingredients list says can sugar. Is this a type and should be cane sugar? I’m not familiar with can sugar. Thank you! Can’t wait to try this for the upcoming holidays.

    • Hi Tawanda

      The site is going through an overall so all the content and recipes are being updated. That was an error that will be corrected in the coming weeks so my apologies. The crackers need to be soaked in 1/2 cup of water until water is absorbed. And then you add that to your syrup mixture along with flax seed butter, syrup, etc and blend evenly.

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